Sunday, 25 June 2017

Term 2 Week 9: Learning

Wow, two more weeks until the school holiday start. Hope you are all looking forward to some well rested, and family time with the kids. This week we will be continuing with our VLC sports. Where we have each teacher taking a skill in a different sport and the children move around the different stations. The children have loved this and it has been a great chance for them to meet new students and work with children from different year levels.

For reading this week we are working on the different strategies for sounding out unknown words. We will be talking about, using the pictures for clues, reading on to help decode unknown words, and stretching it out and chunking the words. Remember the children have in their Communication Books this template, to help support you when working with the children at home on reading.

This week on Monday we will be heading out on the Bike Track to keep building the confidence of the children on them. We only have 3 students left in the class to learn to ride a 2 wheel bike, and our goal as a class is to teach them by the end of the Term. Also, we will be playing green light, red light, where the children will be practising starting and stopping.

In Writing, we are going to be working on making our own book. We will be focusing on sequencing our writing, understanding what it is to be an Author, and be creating a Title for our book. We will be illustrating our books. When reading to the children this week, unpack the book with your child, talk about the Title, Author, Illustrations and message behind the story. 

Bikes on Monday (Bring your Bike if you want and make sure you have Shoes) 
Wednesday Library 

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