Sunday, 11 June 2017

Term 2: Week 7 Learning

This week we welcome a Student Teacher from AUT to our classroom for 2 Weeks. She will be working alongside me getting to know the learners and seeing what is involved with teaching. This is her first placement so we would love to make her feel welcomed.

Throughout the week we will be working on problem-solving. This may involve, working through a problem when playing a game with groups, to problem-solving in maths, to solving a problem in writing, when they come to an unknown word eg what do I do? Sound it out.  I have picked this to focus on throughout the week, as it is a good skill for the children to learn, and allows them the opportunity to explore. It's ok to make a mistake, think about it and try again.

On Friday we took the opportunity of the nice sunny weather and getting outside to explore bubbles. We will be using this for our writing. Allowing the learners' opportunities to explore something, before writing will help motivate them and widen their vocabulary they can use in their stories.  This week we will be working on the vocab that they use in their writing.

In Maths we are going to continue working on doubles and halves of numbers to 10 for our warm up. Along with this, we will be working on different problem-solving tasks that involve our knowledge of addition and subtraction.

For Reading, we are focusing on predicting, what might happen in the book, what will happen next, what could this book be about. Along with this, we are going to be looking at word endings, 'ed', 'ing', 's'. We will be working on these with our Big Book, Poem, and in our reading groups. Talk to your children about the word endings and get the children to predict what might happen in their library book they bring home this week.

Bikes Thusday
Library Wednesday

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