Sunday, 2 July 2017

Term 2 Week 10:Learning

Last Week of Term

This week in Writing we are working on retelling a story they have heard. On Monday I will read them the story 'The Magic Hat'. They will need to retell the story in their own words with detail and in order, seeing if they could change one thing in the story. This is great for their oral language skills, understanding and creative thinking. We will be publishing these stories and putting them up in the class with some art to go with it.   

For Maths we are going to be working with B3 and B4, focusing on our Strand Measurement and also touching base on Probability. We will be working in mixed ability groups and taking the opportunity of getting outside, and for the children to talk about what they are doing with each other. 

In reading, we will be working on retelling. This will link in with our writing and comprehension. Along with this, we will be revisiting the Big Books that we have read this term and talking about what we looked at in them. 
Some of these areas are 
  • Exploring Language: The language that they have used in the book 
  • Thinking Critically: Questions about the book and the story 
  • Vocabulary: The text that they have used
  • Punctuation: Capital Letters, Question Marks, Exclamation Marks, Commas, Speech Marks
  • Visual Information: Unpacking the pictures and what's on the pages 
  • Processing Information: Oral, Written, Visual  

Library Wednesday 
Assembly Friday
Last Day of School Friday 

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