Monday, 19 June 2017

Term 2: Week 8 Learning

Week 8 is going to be a fun week. For writing the children have really enjoyed writing about bubbles so we thought we would take it further and write an Acrostic Poem about Bubbles. We will give the students a word to start with each letter to help support them to write their poems. We will continue working on using those WOW words that we put together last week. Along with this, we will be focusing on, the children to go back and check their own writing by underlining words that they think looks wrong. 

In Maths as our warm up, we will be exploring equal sharing of objects. We will be working with word problems around this, and will be working in mixed ability groups. Along with this, we will be working on counting to 100 and knowing the numbers that come before and after. 

This term we have been working on Ball Skills. So far we have worked on kicking, dribbling, rolling and passing. Last week and this week we will be working on bouncing a basketball and continue working on passing. We will be talking about having our hands up for a target for our buddy to pass to, and what part of our hands we use when bouncing a ball. Take the opportunity of getting outside with your child to practice these skills. 

Bikes Monday Afternoon
Library on Wednesday 
School Assembly on Friday at 2:20 pm

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