Monday, 5 June 2017

Term 2: Week 6 Learning

Hope you're all had a fabulous long weekend and enjoyed some rest and family time. This week we will be continuing on with 'Sorting It Out'. We will finish reflecting on the questions that we haven't  finished and decide how we would like to take this inquiry of 'Change' Further. Last week from our discussion the kids wanted to look into growing their own Crystals and seeing if we could make our own Crystals. This may be one way that we decide to take it further.

This week as our warm up we are revisiting doubles to 10 and introducing halves of numbers to 10. We will be playing games and be unpacking the meaning. Along with this, we will be working in our ability groups on different strategies to work out addition and subtraction problems. These were stated on the front of your child's Maths Book.

On Friday we will be working on our Strand Weight. We will be exploring scales where the children in groups will have time to compare two weights of objects and saying which one is heavier/lighter. The children will be ordering 3 objects from lightest to heaviest and recording it on a sheet.

This week for writing, we will be continuing on Report Writing. We will be discussing why we would want to write a report. As well, I will be reading the children a range of different books that are a report. The children will be working on writing a report on a superhero with 3 facts. We will be publishing them and putting our writing into a class book for us to keep in our class library. 

  • Library Wednesday 
  • Full School Assembly Friday from 2:20 pm 

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