Monday, 13 November 2017

Trip: Kaipara Plant Centre and Sculpture Trail

A wonderful day.

Thank you so much for all our parent helpers and our guides from Kaipara Plant Centre.

We covered many aspects of sustainability - growing your own vegetables, reusing all things even as art, caring for our bush and birds through regeneration and elimination of pests.

We broke into three groups and went on three different adventures

  • a conservation trail where we learned about bush walk etiquette and safety; elimination of pests and why; the history of the bush we were in.
  • a sculpture trail where we saw a beautiful vegetable garden and tried some edible flowers (Day Lilies) and chewed on some sugar cane. We also saw fascinating sculptures made from all sorts of recycled materials!!
  • seed collecting and potting where we learned how to gather seeds from several native plants and we potted them up to bring home. Hopefully, we will have some new plants to plant in our gardens!

Our children represented us well and I didn't hear one complaint about the walking - 2.5km in total, I believe. There was so much to see and learn about the whole time there, was no time for feeling tired!

Everyone who was there wants to return again soon.

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  1. Was a cool trip didn't even know it was there. Thanks for letting me come along to enjoy with the kids 😊