Sunday, 26 November 2017

Term 4: Learning Week 7

This week we are really busy. We will be meeting each day this week with the year 1's to practice our Christmas Show, so we are all ready for you to come and watch up next week. Please remember to bring in your clothes if you have not by Wednesday. The shows will only be running on
Tuesday 5th December at 9:30 am
Wednesday 6th December at 2 pm 
(There are no tickets for this show, just a gold coin donation at the door if you would like to)
Please practice the songs at home. 

Along with this, we are learning this song for our Poem this week. We will be performing this to our VLC on Friday, with B4. In this Poem, we will be talking about the rhyming words, the beet and relating it to our own wish list to Santa.

In Writing this week, we are going to be writing our letters to Santa. We are going to use the Poem/Song as a model for our Letters to Santa. As a class, we will unpack the way we need to lay out a letter and what we need to include in it.

This will be our last week of Keeping ourselves safe. We will be covering dealing with unwanted behaviour and touches, and what words we should say, secrets and tricks and what we should do, adults who can help and safety rules. Please get in touch if you have any questions about this or would like further information. 

Please remember on Monday 4th December (Next Week) is our Whangaparaoaoa Primary School Community Christmas Picnic from 6 to 7:30 pm (at school). 


  • All Library Books need to come back this week
  • Assembly on Friday from 2:20 pm 

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