Sunday, 12 November 2017

Term 4: Week 5 Learning

On Tuesday, we head off on our trip to Kaipara Coast Plant Centre. The children will need to be at school on time with a packed morning tea, lunch and drink bottle. There is some walking through the bush, which is not in any way arduous, however appropriate footwear is a must (Gumboots is a good idea). Make sure we have our school hat and we will carry the school sunscreen. If your child is unduly affected by insect bites please send them with insect spray. Please also include a raincoat and jumper in case it's cold or there is a shower. Leave book bags at home.

We are continuing with our persuasive writing this week and will start on a bit of a Christmas/Santa theme as we build to the end of the year. We will write to Santa persuading him if we should be on the nice or naughty list. Along with this, we will be saying how we have reflected our ORCA values this year.
In Maths this week we will be revisiting Fractions and will match the symbols and the fractions together. We will also be ordering fractions from biggest to smallest.  Along with this we will be working out addition and subtraction problems using the best strategies to solve the problem. Ask me to share with you how I work out different addition and subtraction problems.
We have been busy over the last few weeks practicing our field and track events for Athletics. The Year 1s and 2s Athletics day will take place on 21st November from 9 am to 12:30 pm. 

Year 1 Christmas Show
Please see the dates below as we have had to change the days and times of the shows as there was a clash with other commitments 

New dates are:
December 5th Tuesday - 9.30am performance
December 6th Wednesday - 2 pm performance
  • Monday: Library 
  • Tuesday: Trip

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