Sunday, 5 November 2017

Term 4: Week 4 Learning

This week we will continue working on our inquiry Sustainability.  So far, we have been working on understanding what Sustainability is. We have also been talking about recycling and making sure we are recycling and using the compost bin where we can. The children have really got on board with this and they remind each other when an item is in the wrong place. So far in the class, we have a paper bin, compost bin, soft plastic and rubbish bin. Along with this, we have also made a list of different things we could do to help maintain and support the world we live in. From this list, we will be picking two of these, that the class will carry out. 
We thought we would share a clip that we really enjoy about 'Looking after our Planet'.

In Writing this week, we have planned to write a Persuasive piece of writing about 'The best thing to do at the Park is......' We came to writing on this topic as last week on Thursday we had a vote on what they would like, to persuade me about and this was the winner. The children have really been enjoying trying to persuade me with there opinions and have been doing some amazing writing. We will be reinforcing that the children are using different sentence starters from our Persuasive Anchor Chart and using a wider vocabulary in there writing, than just the words they can spell. 

In Maths this week we will be working on playing a game with a buddy, which involves the children collecting data in a tally chart and graphing in a simple chart after. From this, we will come back and talk about our findings and why ours are all different. Along with this we will work on equal sharing in our ability groups and be using our knowledge of sharing by 1, skip counting and doubles.

The Big Book we will be looking at this week is 'Little Dan'. With this book, we will be focusing on processing the information we have read, relating to a personal experience and changing the ending for the story. Along with this, while we are reading the book we will be working on finding interesting words, capital letters, punctuation and word families in the book.

The Poem for this week is 'Fun in a Box'. The poem we will be focusing on rhyming words, repeating sentence starters, relating to a personal experience and words and sounds of the week.


  • Library on Monday 
  • Whole School Assembly Friday at 2:20 pm

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