Sunday, 24 September 2017

Term 3: Week 10 Learning

Week 10, and we are into the last week of term 3. This week we welcome another Student-Teacher back into our class. You may remember Kendall visiting our class back in Term 2 for 1 Week. Kendal is from Auckland University and will be in our class for 4 Weeks. (Last Week of this Term and First 3 Weeks of Term 4) She will be working alongside me, to support the children in their learning and taking a few different Reading, Writing and Maths Groups throughout her time. Please make sure we make her feel welcome in our class. 

This week on Thursday is our Schools Cultural Festival Shows. We have a show at 1 pm and another one at 6:30 pm. Tickets for these shows go on sale on Monday until Wednesday for $2 and will be sold at school before 9 am. You must have a ticket to attend these shows. As a class, we only have a selected group of children performing for this. These are the children involved in Peachers and Pickles and have had a permission slip sent home. As a VLC we have been busy doing all the Visual Art to decorate the hall for this event. We are putting a slideshow together to show and share all our hard work. I will put this slideshow up onto this blog once it is finished. With this Cultural Festival going on, it will affect what we are doing in our class but we will do our best to support our school, and take advantage of this experience.

Throughout this week we will be taking, the chance to run a mini-study on Bees. The children have taken a keen interest in bees from the presentation we got from Troy about the Bee Hives that the school is getting.

In Writing, we are working on retelling. We will unpack the Myth and Legend of 'Maui and the Sun'. The first day we will put it into order. To follow on from this we will be re-telling the story in our own words, making sure we put the key points in. 

In Reading, we are revisiting the different decoding strategies we have worked on throughout this term. Remember this sheet is in the children's Communication Book. The children will be bringing home a reading book until Thursday, so it allows us time to make sure they are all in by the end of the term.  We will not be visiting the Library this week, as on Wednesday afternoon the children will be getting to watch the run-through of the Cultural Festival. 

The Big Book we will be looking at this week is 'The Kings Cake'. This book links to our writing as we will be focusing on adjectives, describing and interesting words. Along with that, we will be working on identifying the beginning, middle and ending, retelling the story, and the words and sounds of the week.

Our Poem for this week is 'Beehives'. This poem integrates into our school as we have just been given some beehives to have at our school. They have been placed in a safe place. Ask your child to tell you where they are. 

  • Last day of Term 3 on Friday (2 Weeks Holiday and see you all back on 16th October)
  • Cultural Festival Shows on Thursday at 1 pm and 6:30 pm 
  • Assembly Friday at 2:20 pm: Our VLC is presenting 

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