Sunday, 15 October 2017

Term 4: Week 1 Learning

I hope you had a wonderful break with some fun activities, family time and well deserved rest time. This Term our Student Teacher Kendal with still be with us for another 3 Weeks. She has been busy over the holidays planning some exciting tasks and activities that she will be leading. She will also be doing the roll each day, calendar maths, big book, poem and working with 2 Reading Groups each day and a Maths group. Please support her in our class.

Term 4 is always a busy and exciting term for the school. This term we have lots of exciting tasks that will be happening so please remember to keep checking the blog weekly to keep up with whats going on and seeing the fun things we are getting up to. This Term the Year 1's are planning a Christmas Show which will happen at the end of the term. Further information will follow over the next few weeks.

Our Schools focus this term is Sustainability, with our big question being 'What can we do to Help'. We will be looking into what we can do to help our school, community, and environment. What we can recycle, save and reuse. Along with this, will be planting and taking care of a small garden. Further this, we are planning a trip with B4 in Week 5, related to Sustainability and our environment. As soon as, details for this are confirmed, we will let you know. The Trip will be on Tuesday 14th November. Please save the day as we will need parents helpers for this trip to happen.

In writing this term, we will be learning about 'persuasive' writing. We will be learning what persuasive writing is, making a list of different persuasive words and writing our own persuasion of a range of different topics.

For Health and Physical Education this term we are coving Keeping Ourselves Safe. This will be covered throughout the term. Along with this, we have Athletics, which in class we will be working on running, throwing and jumping. Also, we will be continuing on with a few of the small ball skills and games that we did over the last term. The children really enjoyed this and working on the skills we need, sportsmanship and teamwork.

In Reading, we will be working on the different skills, strategies, and understanding that they need to know at there own reading level. Along with this, we are going to focus on reading with expressions, fluency, and natural rhythm. I will be modeling this in our Big Books and Poem and when you are reading to your children it is a great opportunity to talk to them about what you are doing and modeling it to them.


  • Library on Monday 
  • Bring Bike or scooter in if you would like to as we will head out on the Bike Track on Wednesday 
  • Friday Assembly at 2:20pm

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