Sunday, 17 September 2017

Term 3: Week 9 Learning

What an amazing, busy term we have had. Only 2 weeks left until the school holidays and I know a lot of the children are looking forward to a well-deserved break. They have all worked so hard this term and made some great success. This Friday is a mufti day. To wear mufti you need to bring a can of food to school. This is to support the Salvation Army who is trying to help families in our community who do not have enough money for food. 

In Writing, we will be continuing with our Narrative writing that we started last week. Last week, we discussed what an Author is and the different stages that authors go through before they have finished their writing for publishing. The expectations for our writing last week was to have them as the character in their story and use different adjectives, describing and interesting words in their writing (WOW Words). This week we will be finishing our Narrative, going back and checking our story and adding in the correct punctuation. We will be looking at the book 'Meet the Marks' to help us with adding in different punctuation. Then we will become a publisher and produce our stories in a way we can share with others. Talk to your child about their Narrative and ask them to describe them as a character. 

In Maths we will be continuing on with looking at different patterns and making our own. Along with this, we will be revisiting fractions. Getting the children to know, read and identify a half, quarter and third. We will be working on this in our Warm Up. In their ability groups, they will be focusing in addition, subtraction and skip counting to solve different problems.
The Big Book we will be looking at this week is 'The Kings Cake'. This book links to our writing as we will be focusing on adjectives, describing and interesting words. Along with that, we will be working on identifying the beginning, middle and ending, retelling the story, and the words and sounds of the week.

Our Poem for this week is 'Beehives'. This poem integrates into our school as we have just been given some beehives to have at our school. They have been placed in a safe place. Ask your child to tell you where they are. 

  • Wednesday: Library 
  • Friday: mufti day. To wear mufti you need to bring a can of food to school. 

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