Monday, 4 September 2017

Term 3: Week 7 Learning

Week 7 and all the children are really looking forward to this week. As on Wednesday, we head off to Motat. Thanks, heaps to the parent helpers who have said they can help as we could not do this trip without you. Please remember to pack a water bottle, full packed lunch, raincoat and correct school uniform.

This week in Maths we are going to be consolidating skip counting forwards in 5's to 100. Along with this, we will be focusing on Subtraction and Number Knowledge. With the Number Knowledge, the groups will be working on, building a strong understanding of numbers up to 100. (Depending on their level) They will be working on identifying, knowing the number that comes before and after a given number, ordering and sequence numbers from highest to lowest or lowest to highest.
For subtraction, we will be working through different problems making sure we are using the correct strategies to work it out. These will depend on the stage that they are at. Some of the strategies are
-  Using Materials to take away
-  Counting backward in 1's
-  Taking away 10's and 1's

In Reading, we will be focusing on the decoding strategy 'Tryin Lion'. This is where if the children don't know a word and can't decode by using the other strategies we have been working on they will reread the sentence and try words that look right and make sense. 

Along with this, we will be working on reading with fluency and expression, looking at the text for speech marks and different text layout. 

Our Poem for this week is 'Dragon Shop' where we will be focusing on th, dr, rhyming, describing, sight words, and understanding the poem.
The Big Book we will be looking at this week is 'How Boring'. We will be focusing on our retelling, sequencing, comprehension, rhyming, different punctuation and understanding.

For writing this week we are going to be focusing on checking that our writing makes sense and adding in the correct punctuation. One day I will be giving the children a piece of writing, where they will go away and check it. Pointing out the words that look wrong, identifying where a capital letter and full stop-go, and adding in words that are missing. A great idea when reading with your children at night is getting them to find different punctuation in the story.

  • Wednesday: Trip to Motat
  • Thursday: Bikes, bring your own bike if you would like to. 

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