Saturday, 22 July 2017

Term 3: Week 1 Learning

Welcome back to a big, fun and exciting term. This term for our Inquiry is Movement of Time, where we will be inquiring into our place and time; personal histories; home and journeys. From the children's interest, we will be exploring homes, moving and migration. We have planned a VLC Trip in Week 3, where the children will be exploring the changes that have happened around the Hibiscus Coast and Silverdale Area. We will be exploring this on a Bus with a range of different stops around the area. We also hope to take walks around the neighbourhood to gather information about homes, building and changes that have happened.

Orewa 1960's to Now 2010's

If you have, or can get your hands on some materials like planks/pieces of treated wood, pallets (Cut up Please), spare nails etc the kids could use to create a building project on our classroom carpentry table please bring them on in. If you would like to come in and help with building with the kids please let me know as it would be greatly appreciated.

Also over the holidays, I have been busy with my family making a frame of a house which the children will be working on throughout the term. (I will bring this in, in week 2).

This week we will be celebrating being at school for 100 days this year. We will be incorporating this into our Writing, Reading and Maths.  For Writing, we will be writing our own Poem about 'On the 1st day of school, I could.......... On the 50th day of school, I could........ On the 100th day of school, I can.....) This is a great chance for the children to see the progress that they have made over the year so far and reflect on their successes. We will be displaying this work around the room. We will be working with numbers to 100 and counting to 100 each day.
In Maths for our Strand this term we will be exploring Time; Telling the Time, am, pm, O'clock and Half Past, parts of the clock, putting time into order and time line. We will also be looking at Transformation; reflection, rotations, translation.

  • Library Wednesday 
  • Year 1's Teddy Bear Picnic on Wednesday; Please Bring your Teddy into class on this Day

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