Monday, 22 May 2017

Term 2: Week 4 Learning

Inquiry this week is our last week of finding out, before we start sorting it out. We have a few experiments to do this week. We will be putting an egg into vinegar and seeing what happens to the egg. All the students will have to say a prediction of what they think will happen on Monday. On Thursday we will be exploring popcorn kernels and what happens when they get hot and why.

In writing this week we are focusing on sequencing out stories in order. We will be reading books and discussing how they have a beginning, middle and end. I will introduce a 3 picture plan with the students for them to use when planning their writing. Where they will plan the beginning of the writing, middle and end of their stories. Along with this, we will discuss different words they could use for starting the sentence to help their story flow.

In Maths we will be continuing working on skip counting in 2's forwards and backwards to 20 for our warm up into Maths. Along with this in our maths groups, we will be working on identifying and recognising patterns to 10 (7 + 3, 6 + 4) and adding tens (10 + 7, 9 + 10) depending on their ability.

This week we will be talking about what learning we are going to be sharing in our celebration afternoon/evening on Wednesday. The students will be picking the pieces of work that they are most proud of and choosing a Maths game they would like to share and a few other pieces of work. We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Wednesday school is finishing at 12:30
Celebration of Learning Wednesday Afternoon/Evening

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