Monday, 1 May 2017

Term 2 Week 1: Learning

Welcome back to school after a lovely Easter and Holiday. I hope you all had some good family time and all rested up for another amazing, busy filled term.

This term our Inquiry focus is the 'Material World'. We will be learning that the world is made up of different 'matters'.  We will be looking into the different changes, such as physical and chemical change and reflect if they are a temporary or a permanent change.  Some of the experience we are going to look into involves bubbles, popcorn, eggs, paper, water, and ingredients you can find in your households. This week we will be looking at the changes with a egg, from a liquid to solid

This science focus leads us into report writing. We will be spending some time learning about report writing along with other styles of writing. Our main focus in writing this term is
  • Writing with detail 
  • Putting our stories in order 
  • Using words I know 
  • Starting sentence with different beginnings
  • Adding to our writing 
  • Re-reading my writing 
In Maths this term we will be continuing working on number knowledge, place value, skip counting, double and factions. This week we are working on doubles along with our number knowledge

This term, we are going to be developing our ball skills with catching, throwing, kicking and bouncing.

Wednesday: Library Day 
Thursday: Bring your scooters or bikes, as we will be going out on the Bike Track 
Friday: Whole School Assembly start at 2:20 pm

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