Sunday, 7 May 2017

Term 2 Week 2: Learning

Heading into Week 2, I am hoping your child is buzzing about our Inquiry 'Change'. We have started and will continue working this week on unpacking what a Solid and Liquid is. We are going to be looking at the change in water from a liquid to a solid and solid to a liquid. As a class, we will discuss if they are a temporary or a permanent change.

In Maths this week we are going to be working with the numbers up to 20 (depending on their ability) and knowing the number that comes before and after. We will be focusing on identifying and ordering these numbers. Along with this, we are focusing on the days of the week and Months of the year, knowing what comes before and after.

Writing this week we are going to be writing about our experience out on the Bike Track. 
We will be focusing on the children 
  • coming up with their own sentence/story
  • putting their story into order
  • starting sentences with different beginnings
  • adding words or a sentence to their story
  • re-reading their story to a buddy once they have finished 
Along with this, we will be working with the children going back and checking their writing.

This week for PE we are going to be focusing on Kicking Skills. We will be working with B4 on different drills and coordination skills to improve our ability to kick a soccer ball. We aim to go out 3 times a week this term to work on our ball skills.

Library Wednesday
Bring your Bikes or Scooters in on Thursday
Learning Celebration Wednesday 24th May (Make sure you have booked a time slot)

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