Monday, 23 October 2017

Term 4: Week 2 Learning

Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend, even though the weather wasn't the best. Last week we send home a letter outlining our trip, parent helpers, and cost. Hope you have all taken the time to read this. As part of our inquiry in Sustainability, we are going to visit Kaipara Coast Plant Center and Sculpture walk on Tuesday 14th November, to learn more about how plants regenerate. The cost for the trip is $18.50 per pupil. This covers the buses, Kaipara Coast Plant Center and Sculpture Walk entry and an education session. This cost will come out of the activity fee paid at the start of the year, however, if you have chosen to 'pay as you go' you will need to pay $18.50 to the office. If you paid upfront for the activity fees, you will need to pay a top-up of $9.50 PLEASE. We need these paid soon so we can confirm all the bookings.  THANKS

This Friday is the annual Halloween Disco, organised by our wonderful PFA team. Tickets are $5 each (Includes a free sausage) and will be on sale outside the office before school on Tuesday to Thursday or on the door at 6 pm on Friday evening.  The Disco runs from 6 pm to 8 pm. We hope to see you all there.

This week we have lots of fun stuff planned. For writing, Kendall has organised a wonderful experiment of making Moon Dust. From this, we will be getting the children to write about this, followed up with a piece of Art Work. The children will be working on adding interesting and descriptive words into there writing, using there own personal voice and feelings so that the ideas are clear and meaningful. From this, we will be getting the children to go back and check there work for words that look wrong and adding in the correct punctuation. 

In Maths this term, we are going to be working with Data Handing. We will be exploring collecting data, displaying our data and talking about what we found out. This week we will be working on collecting data as a class and in small groups. We will be working with a tally chart. Along with this, as our whole class warm-up, we will be revisiting doubles and working with numbers to 100. We will be working on ordering and knowing the number before and after to 100. In our maths groups, we will be working on groupings, addition, and subtraction strategies at their stage.

This week we will be getting outside as a year 1 team to start our first rotation practice, for different skills in Athletics. We will look at both track and field events, with our focus being on running, jumping and hopping. We will be doing this every Tuesday as a Year 1 group.


  • School Disco Friday
  • Library on Thursday (This week only, as we missed our Library time on Monday)

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