Sunday, 26 March 2017

Week 9: Learning

This week in writing, we are going to continue looking at 'what a good writer does'.  But will be getting the students to go back to their writing the next day to fix it up and fancy it up. When they go back to their writing, they are checking if it makes sense and if their story is in order. When they fancy it up, they are seeing if there are interesting or fancy words, they can add or if they can add a sentence.

In reading, the children will be continuing using the different decoding strategies. Make sure you have a look at your child's communication book, to see what strategy we have been working on.  Along with this, we will be working on understanding the main ideas and details in a story. We will be using these to help us unpack the book. This is also in their communication books.

Our learning will continue with the child working on addition and subtraction. When solving problems we are using materials, to help figure them out. Along with this, we are beginning to learn, to skip count in 10's to 100 and understanding the place value of these numbers. 

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