Saturday, 18 March 2017

Week 8: Learning

Ahoy, me Hearties! All Hands on Deck!

This week in B3 we are having Pirate Week. This is where we will be bringing our learning alive as a Pirate. We will be incorporating it into all learning areas.  As a class, we will be learning a Pirate Poem, related to our letter and words of the week. 

We will bring it into our written language and write about 'If I was a Pirate....'  applying what we have been working on over the last few weeks 
A= Capital Letters (Green for GO)
. = Full Stop (Red for STOP)
R = Re-reading our writing 
? = Does it make sense 
! = Interesting Sentence 
Talk to your children about these symbols and get them to explain them to you. 

We will have lots of fun as a Pirate in Maths. We will be unpacking the maths language around additions and what it means. It is very important that the children get the maths language and the understanding of what different problems mean. 

 Also in Maths, we will be continuing with the strand Geometry: Position and Orientation. Where we will give the students a Pirate Map of different instructions and movements to follow, to find the Pirate Treasure. 
Your child may come home talking like a Pirate 

Arrgh! See Ya!

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