Saturday, 4 March 2017

Week 6: Learning

Every morning we do Calendar Maths. This involves the students learning the Date, Days of the Week, which includes us talking about tomorrow will be and yesterday was. We learn the Months and the different seasons in a year. We are counting each day we are at school, and this brings in place value, 1's, 10's, and 100's. Get your child to show and talk to you about this in class.

This week we are starting on the strand Geometry: Position and Orientation. We will be working on this for the next few weeks where the students will be discussing placement of objects, following instructions for movement, distance (Steps), turns, forwards, backwards and sideways. We will be using this opportunity to working outside and incorporating this into our inquiry. Further that we are focusing on counting forwards and backwards to 20, ordering numbers and groups with numbers to 10 (3 + 2 =, 6 + 4 =).

Writing this week we are going to have lots of fun. We have read and looked into the book 'Where the Wild Thing's are'. The class loves this book and exploring where Max goes. I have taken this opportunity to bring it into our writing for the week. On Friday we started to plan out our own 'Wild Thing'. Throughout the week we will be finishing them off and writing our description about our wild thing. We will be talking about interesting words to make our sentence more descriptive. Along with what we have already learned
  • Using words we know
  • Finger Space
  • Re-reading our sentence when writing 
  • Capital Letters (Green for Go)
  • Full Stop (Red for Stop)
  • Swimming Wednesday and Friday 
  • Library Wednesday: Bring back your books 
  • Mufti Day Friday

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