Monday, 28 August 2017

Term 3: Week 6 Learning

This week we welcome the Student Teacher Sophie back from AUT into our class for the next 3 Weeks. She will be working alongside me, to support the children in their learning and be taking a few different Reading, Writing and Maths groups throughout her time. Please make sure we make her feel welcome in our class. 
Reminder on the 6th of September, we will be heading to Motat Museum to explore the movement of time through the History Village, Transport, and changes that have taken place. 

For Maths this week in our class warm-up we will be working on Skip Counting in 5's to 100. Along with this in our Maths groups, we will be working on different addition and subtraction problems using the strategy at their level. Talk with your children about how they have been working out addition and subtraction problems. If you would like more information on their strategy please come in and ask me. 

This week in Reading we will be focusing on the decoding strategy 'Skippy Frog'. This is where if the children don't know a word they will skip it and read on to help get more meaning and jump back to decode the unknown word. Along with this, we will be working on reading with fluency and expression, looking at the text for speech marks and different text layout. 

Our Poem for this week is 'Finger Painting' where we will be focusing on er, rhyming, describing and sight words.
The Big Book we will be looking at this week is 'The Giant's Ice Cream'. We will be focusing on our retelling, sequencing, comprehension, repeating, rhyming and different punctuation 

  • Wednesday: Library 
  • Whole School Assembly: 2:20 pm Friday

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