Monday, 14 August 2017

Term 3: Week 4 Learning

This Week at school is MATHS WEEK so we will be spending lots of time doing different things in Maths. We will be exploring some new games, trying something different and having fun. As a school our main focus for Maths Week is Estimate. We will be working on Estimation within our VLC Team and having surprise guests. 

For Writing over the last few weeks we have been working on Narratives. We have unpacked what a Narrative is, and talking about what is important in a narrative piece of writing; Characters, Setting, Problems, and Solutions. This week we are going to be focusing on the introductions of a Narrative piece, hooking the audience into wanting to read their story. We will talk about different story starters they might want to use for a narrative, WOW words, and description.

This week in Reading we are working on Stretchy Snake, where the students will stretch the word out slowly and put the sounds together to help decode unknown words. This is just a different strategy they could use, but don't forget about the other once we have already learned as well. A tricky thing for children to develop is to know which strategies they should use and when. Help support your child with this when reading by not telling them the word but hinting to them which strategy they might want to use.

  • Wednesday: Library 
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Cross Country Practice

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