Monday, 20 February 2017

Week 4: Learning

This week in class we are going to be inquiring about respect and manners towards others. We will be unpacking how it makes them and others feel in different situations. You may find your child will be talking about this at home during the week. This relates back to the book that we read last week 'Have you filled a Bucket'.

Spelling Words will begin coming home from this week, but there is no push on them having to do this. These words are recorded in the back of your child’s communication book, which will be found in their book bags. Please keep these books in their book bags, as we will also be working with these words in class. These words are personalized to your child’s ability.
Also in their communication books, there will be different ideas of how you could learn these words and how you can have fun with them.

Sight Words:
The words on the ring that your child started taking home last week are sight words.  These words relate to the level that your child is reading at. These words are for the children to work on reading and identifying.

In maths this week we will be looking into statistics and what it means. As a class, we will look at each other's eyes and put our data into a graph. We will be talking about which colour has more, less, same, difference and getting to know the understanding of these words. Also in our groups, we will continue working on number identity and ordering at their ability.

In writing, we are injuring about what is a good writer. We have already been talking about this last week, but we will be putting it into context and using what we found out in our writing.
We will also be working on our letters and their sounds.

Dance and Drama:

As a school, we are learning this song 'You're Welcome' from the movie Moana and we are also learning a dance. It is a way we are including Dance and Music into our classes. Here are the song and dance if your child wants to practice at home. Have Fun

Song: Your Welcome


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