Saturday, 11 February 2017

Week 3: Learning

This week we will continue on learning about each other and building relationships and friendships with our peers. We are going to be reading the Book 'Have you filled a Bucket'. This book talks about how everyone has an invisible bucket and by doing kind and helpful things to a person it will fill their bucket. This will also help fill their bucket and make them feel good. Guided Reading: From this week we will be starting to bring home books that we have read and been working on in class. Please be a little patient as we are working on the reading this week. There could be a little movement over the summer holidays (forward and backwards), so we will make changes to find the best fit level for your child. Reading books will come home Monday to Thursday and on a Friday a Poem or Sharing a Piece of work will come home. Maths: In maths this week the groups will be working on getting to know and understand new games in their maths groups. We are also going to be working on number knowledge to do with the child's level and ability.

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