Saturday, 2 December 2017

Term 4: Week 8 Learning

Week 8 and only 2 weeks until the School Summer Holidays. The time has finally come for the Christmas Show and all the children are really excited. We hope to see you there. On Monday we will be having our dress rehearsal, then Christmas show on
Tuesday 5th December at 9:30 am 
Wednesday 6th December at 2 pm 
The show will only be about 30min long
(There are no tickets for this show, just a gold coin donation at the door if you would like to)

This week for Reading the children will be bringing home a poem each day. This is due to all the reading books needing to be back in. If you have any more at home, please sent them back to class. When reading the poems with your child focus on rhyming words, initial sounds, isolation sight words, grammar, punctuation and the titles.  All poems will be around Christmas.

For writing, we will be finishing off our letters to Santa. To follow on from this, Nicola and Baylee have organised a Video call to Santa next week. We will be working on constructing some questions we might want to ask Santa when we talk to him. We are super excited about this. 
With all this going on, we will also find some time to make a few Christmas Crafts.

  • All Readers and Library Books need to come back to school
  • Christmas in the park at school on Monday from 6 to 7:30 pm. There will be music, our school band and a sausage sizzle

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